Marlene working on 'Three Women Dancing'

Marlene Lewis - Colorful Acrylic And Mixed Media Artist

I'm a St. Louis, Missouri based artist specializing in female figurative and nude paintings, plein air landscapes, divas and abstract paintings on paper and canvas. They're created with a variety of mixed media techniques, colorful palettes and expressive brushwork.

My painting style is based on what I love and find endlessly fascinating – light, color and the unconscious feelings they arouse in me.

The inspiration for my art comes from so many places, beginning with my childhood memories of Miami, Florida, where I grew up. It was a place of sensuality, tropical colors, and people of different nationalities and cultures – a place of vibrant, beautifully adorned Latino women and those around them.

I try to recreate in my paintings the feelings that these experiences aroused in me – the joy of being alive, of being able to experience the intensity of color and light all around me, and the experience and joy of being a woman. 

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